What Scout is all about.

We're Northeastern's one and only student-led design studio. Read on to find out about all we have to offer.

Our Goals

Be inclusive & friendly

Everyone can find their place in the design community at Scout, whether that's attending our events and workshops, dropping by for design office hours at Club Scout, or working on one of our teams. All you need to engage with Scout is an interest in design and a desire to learn!

Build something awesome

Northeastern’s strong entrepreneurial spirit fuels Scout. What drives our teams each semester is the desire to make something new and exciting. We use design to create real value for our members, other Northeastern students, and the clients we partner with.

Hone our creative skills

We believe that the most valuable learning comes when you plunge into something you have little or no previous experience in. Our design community provides mentorship and guidance when students need help navigating uncharted territories. We share with one another what we have learned from our classes, co-op, and freelance work so we each grow from every semester in Scout.

Three Scout members sit behind laptops, looking at the screen of the leftmost student

Scout in Action!

Community & Culture

We are all about an inclusive, supportive design community at Northeastern. We see design as a way of learning, solving problems, and bringing people from different disciplines together. Learn more about our community and culture below!

Students hang out and chat in Club Scout

Where we started

We started the same way many student organizations have: with just a few people, many coffee-fueled late nights, and undying faith in an idea we believed would bring something new to both the Northeastern and Boston communities. There were no clients set up, there were no Studio or Labs teams established, and there was no beloved HQ yet. Starting in 2013, design students Laura Marelic and Kat Garcia, two of the co-founders of Scout who both had previous experience in Entrepreneurs Club, ultimately grew Scout from just a core group of eight students to the organization it is today.

For more details, you can check out our interview with Laura Marelic from Fall 2019!

Where we are now



team members






projects completed



bags of tea brewed

Scout has come a long way over the past seven years. We've grown in size remarkably and our impact has scaled with it. The hundreds of students who have been a part of Scout have gained invaluable experience and lifelong friends. Our clients and partners have learned from us as well as lifted us up and helped us grow. We are excited about how far we've come as an organization and where we will be in the future!

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