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How students can get involved with Scout

New members every semester

New and returning members of Scout submit applications every semester. We're committed to creating high-quality work, while also providing a safe and encouraging space to stretch yourself as a creative. Because of this, we evaluate both Scout's goals and our applicants when choosing each new team. Applications for Spring 2024 are open now!

All Management team positions are now closed for the upcoming year except for the Marketing + Events Director position. Other applications will open next Spring in March 2024.

Check out all team position descriptions below!

All Management team positions are now closed for the upcoming year.

Leads all of our teams, directing current projects and setting the groundwork for Scout's continued growth.

All Playground team applications for the Spring 2024 semester are open!

Playground is Scout’s flexible design team that delivers creative services to clients and partners with smaller-scoped projects (2-8 weeks) on a rolling basis. Through a commitment to design thinking, human-centered design practices and research, accessibility, and multidisciplinary collaboration, the Playground team is equipped to address a wide range of needs. Our expertise includes problem-solving, designing physical and digital interfaces, building brands, creating experiences, marketing products and services, and much more. Playground runs on diversity, intersectionality, and flexibility and seeks those values in its members, clients, and projects! Recent and upcoming Playground projects include open-ended user research for Alia, brand development (naming, logo, design strategy) and app interface design for Bibite, experience design for Foreign Resource, and an interactive physical installation for EXP Makerspace.

All Studio team applications for the Spring 2024 semester are open!

Studio is Scout’s agency-style team that builds digital and physical products at the intersection of design and development. There are 5 client-facing teams within Studio, with each team consisting of leads, designers, and developers who collaborate to build products from the ground up (or a complete redesign) in the span of a 3.5 month semester. Studio facilitates real-world experience for designers, developers, or project managers while providing professional-quality services to clients. Driven by students curious about how brands come to life and what working with clients is really like, we provide a learn-as-you-go, excellence-focused atmosphere for our Studio team. This unique opportunity was built upon students' desire to grow and learn from one another, all while creating impactful work for our community. Projects involve the sprint planning, user and competitor research, site-mapping, wireframing, user testing, hi-fidelity designing, prototyping, software development, and the cultivation of a brand and identity. A few of our past projects: Slate Milk brand, packaging and website, Stō brand and website, Rooted Living brand, packaging, and website, Remo brand and educational web app, Watz brand and biometric dashboard web app, and so many more!

Labs team applications for the Spring 2024 semester are open!

Scout Labs is a student collective working at the intersection of service design and spatial design with the goal of improving the experience of individuals in our community. We engage with human-centered design principles to research and prototype creative solutions as a means to address a range of pressing issues facing our community. Recent and upcoming projects include creating community engagement tools for the YMCA, designing a system map of the homebuying process, and optimizing the service provided by a mobile health lab in rural Maine.

Marketing & Events team applications for Spring 2024 are open!

We engage students through guest speakers, workshops, social media, and articles with a whole lot of ✨❗️and a little bit of 🙌

Media team applications for Spring 2024 are open!

The media team is responsible for creating any and all assets both internally and externally for Scout. We have two facets of the team, the client team which takes on clients to create assets for them. Additionally, we have the photo team which acts as a freelance team for Studio and Playground teams.

Conference applications for Spring 2024 are open!

A team of passionate designers, logistic coordinators, and swag aficionados create an annual conference hosted at Northeastern's ISEC. Teams on conference include: Design team, UX Design Team, Operations Team, Marketing Team, and Tech Team.

Community applications are open for Spring 2024!

We organize activities and events to facilitate fun through our community. Help people get to know each other and find their place within Scout! Prepare a joke for your interview, you need to make me laugh.

Application Process

1. Apply Online

We bring on new members for all of our teams each semester. Submit an application using our online form to be considered for any of our teams!

2. Chat with us

After reviewing applications, we'll interview students to better gauge interests, skills, and level of experience. This helps us find the best fit for our team (and for you!) each semester.

3. Receive Decision!

Applications and decisions are made before the start of each semester so we can hit the ground running when classes start.

Application timeline

Here's what you should expect when applying to become a Scout member

Spring Semester

  • October: Applications open
  • November - December: We review applications
  • Winter Break: Interviews
  • Winter Break: Decisions
  • January: Scout begins

Fall Semester

  • April: Applications open
  • May/June: We review applications
  • July: Interviews
  • August: Decisions
  • September: Scout begins

Community & Culture

We are all about an inclusive, supportive design community at Northeastern. We see design as a way of learning, solving problems and bringing people from different disciplines together.

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