Community & Culture

We all came for the design, but stayed for the community!

Scout's Cultural Pillars

We foster a learning environment

We are dedicated to creating a space for our members to learn through experience! In Scout, there are no stupid questions (really!), the impact of imposter syndrome is fully acknowledged, and all of our members have the opportunity to learn and grow from each other.

Student teaching another student at Club Scout

We build each other up

On any given day in our HQ, you can find us critiquing each other's projects, pairing up to fix that pesky bug in our code, or just sending each other gifs in Slack. We connect one another with helpful resources, and cheer each other on when we have a victory.

Three students pose together in Scout HQ

We don't take ourselves too seriously

Of course, we are serious about creating great work, but ask anyone — we mean business about having fun. Between the client meetings and work sessions, Scout really becomes something we can call a family.

3 students smiling together at Scout's fall retreat

Scout Network

A design community for life

Joining Scout means joining a community of like-minded creatives far past graduation. The Scout Network is a Slack workspace that includes all members of Scout - from our founders to our current team. In our network, students hear directly from alums who have been in their shoes, get design and development work critiqued, and chat with former Scout members who are now doing big things in the "real world".

Alumni panel talks to current students

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