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An annual student-led design conference connecting students with the Boston design community.

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Our totally student-led Interventions team puts on a conference focused on highlighting the greater design community, bringing them together on Northeastern's campus. The conference team is responsible for a new brand and experience every year, centered around Intervening in design. Not to brag but... we've had some incredible speakers come from companies we admire like AirBnb, IDEO, and Upstatement!

This year's conference

Interventions: Disrupt

Interventions: Disrupt is a showcase of design thinking as a driving force for social change. Our conference unites design-thinking leaders across industries and disciplines to explore design's role in creating spaces of inclusion, activism, and community. With a series of presentations, panels, and workshops, our speakers share what inspires them to remain steadfastly committed to positive change in the face of an uncertain world.

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Previous Conferences


Interventions: Episodes

Interventions: Episodes came to fruition in the truest form of an intervention, once we realized that the peak of a global pandemic is not the time to hold our third annual design conference in the original way we had planned. With the spirit of trailblazing in mind and the support of Northeastern’s design community behind us, we decided to pivot our conference efforts to a format that was much better suited to social distancing. Interventions: Episodes is a web series featuring design-thinkers across industries, with each episode showcasing a conference speaker turned digital web show star. We brought a new conference experience to a screen near you, with six episodes that premiered over the course of two weeks.

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Interventions: Narrative

Interventions: Narrative was Scout’s second annual design conference at Northeastern University. We brought together designers and creative thinkers to explore how we create, own, and maintain narratives in our work that have inevitable effects on society. From pushing the boundaries of traditional mediums to using design to advocate for women in STEM – everyone in attendance walked away with new perspectives on the role they play as an influential storyteller and activist through design.

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Students smiling at posters from Interventions: Narrative 2019

"I was so impressed by the caliber of speakers and the event overall"

-Daniel Matiaudes, Director of Product Design at Rocket Insights



In a society where design is used as a powerful tool for change, we examed what role design plays in dividing and connecting us, measuring the impact of design, and exploring the societal responsibilities of designers. Interventions was hosted by Scout and was held at Northeastern University’s Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Center during Boston Design Week on April 7, 2018.

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Speaker at Interventions: Narrative 2019
Poster from Interventions: Narrative 2019

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