Small but mighty team thats leading the way for Scout and its members

What is Management?

Scout is unique in that we are entirely student-run, yet we operate very similarly to a real-world design business. Our management team is the driving force behind Scout, setting the vision and daily direction of the studio in order to successfully guide their teams. As a student-led program focused on educating our members, Scout presents the opportunity to learn by trying, failing, and eventually succeeding, all in a tight-knit community where work ethic and curiosity are highly valued.

Students collaborating in HQ

Unique leadership opportunity

Students have the ability to lead an established design studio of 50+ members, both working within existing guidelines and paving the way for new ones! Management team members oversee every Scout team, by directing client relations, offering support, and leading team advancement. They're also responsible for managing stakeholders and university shareholders to maintain connections in and outside of Scout, acting as the bridge between students and the outside community.

Spring 2020 Management Team

Management Roles

Executive Director

Oversees the administration, programs, and strategic plan of the organization

Operations Director

Responsible for the direction and coordination of the organization, overseeing systems and processes for Scout

Design Director

Co-leads the Scout Studio team by overseeing design work, high-level project management, and client relationships

Tech Director

Co-leads the Scout Studio team by overseeing development work, high-level project management, and client relationships

M&E Director

Oversees Scout's marketing strategy and community outreach efforts

Labs Director

Leads the intersection of design thinking and social innovation that brings Scout's design abilities to the greater Boston community

Conference Director

Leads the strategy and execution of Scout's annual student-led design conference

Production Director

Leads a team of creators in developing and creating video, photo, and motion graphic work.

Fall 2021 Applications are open!

Executive Director + Operations Director applications are open until 11:59pm on Sunday, March 7th.

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