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Connecting the design community through events, open office hours, and digital content.

What's M&E?

We work to highlight Scout's accomplishments and bring the Northeastern design community together. Our speaker series brings amazing industry professionals to campus, and our Club Scout office hours and workshops allow Scout members to share their knowledge with other students. We also connect with our audience virtually through our social media posts and blog, as well as through our Weekly Dose of Design email blast, which contains interesting design content curated by Scout members.

Attendees of a scout event engaged in the speaker

What does M&E do?

Event planning

We source speakers for an engaging series of events on campus! Our team works to plan, promote, and ensure the success of these events.

Social media

We manage Scout's online presence through fun and engaging posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We make sure Scout's voice shines through and that everybody can be up to date on Scout's happenings.

Collateral design

You may have seen a Scout poster or two on campus, or maybe the 60+ posters hanging on our poster wall in Scout HQ. We create custom designs to promote each Scout event in print and online!

The Scout Blog

We write and curate our blog, a collection of compelling articles featuring Scout's past and present members as well as our biggest supporters.

Photography & videography

Our photographer documents everything that happens in Scout each semester so we can share the cool things we do with the world!

Weekly Dose of Design

Our newsletter features Scout's members talking about their passions. We help them to plan and edit their email blasts so they can deliver the best content!

What is it like on M&E?

Members have the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse team of designers and non-designers to develop and improve a brand - Scouts brand. It takes a lot of planning and coordination, but members are encouraged to ideate and spearhead projects that builds off their skillset or will challenge them during the semester.

Scout members at Club Scout

Our Poster Wall

We memorialize all our past event posters online. Check it out to see what events we’ve held in the past!

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Get Involved

Every semester, we recruit new team members who are looking to gain experience working on creating events, improving our social media presence, and more. Join our community of creatives and work alongside students who share common goals!

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