Scout Studio

Designers and developers working on small, agile teams to create impactful work for real clients.

A unique student experience

Driven by students curious about how brands come to life and what working with clients is really like, we provide a learn-as-you-go, excellence-focused atmosphere for our Studio team. This unique opportunity was built upon students' desire to grow and learn from one another, all while creating impactful work for our community. Establishing a strong sense of community through our work allows us to actually have fun in the mean time.

Scout student works in Scout's headquarters using a drawing tablet and a laptop.

How it works

Our five teams work in weekly design and development sprints, taking part in the entire design process. In the end, each team has created bespoke brands and products specific to meet their client's needs. The Studio experience involves being part of an integrative learning and teaching environment as well as applying skills learned from classes and co-ops. Studio teams have a high level of ownership over their projects as well as the chance to test out new creative pursuits.

Scout student pointing to her laptop to show off her work to her peers.

What we create


Each team creates a new brand that is unique - this includes a logo, wordmark, colors, and typography, resulting in a strong, cohesive brand.

UX Design

Our designers work through user flows that create a cohesive experience. Using an Agile workflow, each team begins designing the user experience structure through exercises, sitemaps, and wireframes.

UI Design

To create a unified design system, we create branded wireframes and complete multiple rounds of refinement and iteration to create a product that pops.

Packaging Design

Our designers work with more than just digital deliverables - we also create physical representations of brands in the form of packaging. We've designed food and drink containers, box packaging, labels, bus wraps, and more!

Web & Mobile Dev

Our developers bring our designs to life, creating beautiful and functional websites and mobile applications that are ready for handoff, while learning new skills in the process.

...and more!

Interested in something else? Feel free to reach out to us via email and let us know! We're always excited about new types of projects and experiences.

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Every semester, we recruit new designers and developers who are looking to gain experience working on client teams. Join our community of creatives and work alongside students who share your passions!

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If you are a venture looking to partner with Scout for your design and development needs, let us know! Each semester, we take on new Northeastern-affiliated clients.

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